28 february 2023.
I am a commandant in the higher ranks on a space ship set far in the future, unhappy with the president's regime, so I rebel with my friend and plot to overthrow the president. My friend gets caught, and I have to act as if nothing is happening as I weasel myself through the people to see him get dragged away, his face an unrecognisable mess of red and purple.
I keep my undercover sabotage work going. I need to prove his death was worth it. Just as I finished replacing an information tech board on the wall, the president asks for me. His voice whispers to me through my intercom.
I arrive in his office, a big oval cockpit with glasses for walls, looking out into space. "Hello, my dearest commandant.." Enter typical tyrant monologue about how he must keep peace and order and the people must obey to ensure balance etc and then he places a hand on my shoulder and stabs me and I wake up.

2 march.
"Do you see this?" My father holds up a poster. It's empty. He turns his head to me. "Do you see me?"

4 march.
I'm standing in my neighbourhood. A car pulls up. A woman runs out saying "help me my husbands is going to kill me!" The supposed husband drags her back into the car and I go in the car because I'm curious. He tells me "Hi do you mind closing her seatbelt?" The woman was crying and hyperventilating. I had to do close the seatbelt in a.. weird way, and a very tight way. "Yes close it just like that, it's sexy isn't it? Just like what she did with me no?" He had a faraway look in his eyes and sounded deranged. The woman was shaking her head and crying still. I knew then that she had once traumatised him, tied him up and tried to kill him and now he is stuck in some sort of traumatic mindset and keeps repeating the same motion with her. When I wake up, I will know that they will keep doing this until they die.

10 march.
There is a mountain, and it is holy.

12 march.
I made out with Aaron Taylor Johnson. It was super vivid so I could feel his body flush under mine and his tongue in my mouth. I woke up with an ache in my heart.

17 march.
A duck is crying. I saw my old high school friends in a store and hid from them. I went into wrong house and lost my sister. Became a junkie.