My Spiritual Journey (Very Brief Summary).

"I could recognize him by touch alone, by smell; I would know him blind, by the way his breaths came and his feet struck the earth. I would know him in death, at the end of the world."
Back in early 2018, I started delving into spirituality. Later that year, I met my lover. These two are interlinked, important, and would forever change my life.

Personally, I believe in the existence of an infinite number of realities. I believe in the existence of past lives, of reality shifting, and of manifestation. Whatever you want, will manifest. If you believe after death there will be Hell and Heaven, then that will come true for you.

I believe in the power of the self. I, myself, my inner self, hold great power. Power that, if mastered, will make me the true master of my own world.

I remember my past life vividly. I remember my family, the people, the world, my job, and my tragic ending. It's quite weird when you delve into spirituality and realise that the vivid reoccurring dreams you used to get in your childhood were memories of your past life.

It was even more weird when I met my partner, whom started talking about his past life memories which coincided with mine down to the minute detail. It was then that we discovered we knew each other in our past life, had died together, and reconnected here. No wonder it felt like home the first second I met him.

It was like I was reborn, when I met my boyfriend. All the puzzle pieces started to fall in place and a very exciting journey of delving into spirituality began.

I started off with him slow, at the beginning. Neville Goddard, you absolute legend.
I immediately began seeing the fruits of my work. I started to manifest things left and right, ranging from small stuff like my desired computer or phone, to big stuff like specific people, scenarios and even divorces.

That wasn't enough for me though, and it wasn't for my partner too. We wanted to do more, to try more. So quickly, we started experimenting with reality shifting.

During the years, I myself have reality shifted quite a few times, and every time I'd be gone for a different amount of time. I didn't succeed immediately, though. It takes a surprising amount of hard work (returning back to yourself, critically looking at your core beliefs and traumas, accepting yourself, being aware of every deep rooted thought you have) and patience, but it worked.

In total, I have lived 32 years outside of this reality. Now, do not start to think that that makes me mature. In fact, reality shifting has only made me realize how much of a child I really am. It is quite weird to see how here, once you’ve hit 30 or 40 you're supposed to be mature already when.. That is not the case. I think I will be forever learning and growing. I have lived many lives yes but in every reality I am a child again just trying to learn the ropes. I do not feel grown nor mature yet. There is so much yet to learn, so much to explore, how can I deprave myself from growing by telling myself "I'm mature enough"?

I am grateful for all the experiences I've had in different realities, and I’m glad to have delved into manifesting, spirituality and such. Everyday I learn something new and everyday is a different day, which is what makes it all the more beautiful I think.

I have to say, though, it is also quite an alienating experience. Everything I've lived is real, and feels just as real as any other memory a person here would have. I have friends I care about, places I’ve seen that are real but don't exist here. I find myself wanting to talk about it so badly because it is real and it is wonderful and god I’'e met so many amazing people, saw so many amazing things, I want to talk about it yet.. There is still a lot of skepticism around it.
Who knows, maybe I'll write about it on here?

This was of course a every quick summary and does not cover all the subjects and topics and such. If you have questions or are interested to hear about some specific experiences of mine, you are more than free to shoot me a mail.

Ps. Lover if you're reading this.. I love you. Most ardently.