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  • 13 January.
    Stumbled upon a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) account that gives certain characters certain traits. According to that account, Raphael smokes weed, Michaelangelo is an ace lesbian, and Vlad Dracula masturbates.
  • 14 January.
    Everytime I hear a David Bowie song, or get reminded of the Marauders, a terrible heartache pierces me. They remind me of my friends whom I haven't seen in a long time. If they're somehow reading this, I miss you Prongs and Moony.
    Also, hypothetically, what if you were a poor disabled kid unable to walk on your legs and you found out your witch friends could have fixed your legs but they didn't because it's supposedly "forbidden magic", wouldn't you also go batshit crazy? Yes, this is about Witch Hat Atelier.
  • 15 January.
    Today I think about Qifrey saying "I wonder if I'll ever be able to sleep at ease".
  • 16 January.
    Blueballing therapy.
  • 17 January.
    Some dogs are so ugly God bless.
  • 18 January.
    Feeling like Woody Harrelson on 10 november, 2015.
  • 18 January.
    Elevator etiquette is autism validation. Also, good media stopped when the show 6teen stopped.
  • 19 January.
    My new weekly routine is reading classic novel excerpts on Substack. I put my fave on my subscriptions page if you're curious.
    Here's a song lyric: "It's love like a tongue in a nostril. Love like an ache in the jaw".
  • 20 January.
    Highlight of my day was coming home to eat a plain sandwich with cheese and lettuce.
  • 21 January.
    My favourite mangaka posts about her dogs often and it's so cute.
  • 22 January.
    Forgot to return a book to the local library in 2007 now I have to pay 15 dollars (I am slowly going insane).
    Here's another quote: "In the darkness of a new moon, lovers cannot see each other’s faces, and all things are hidden, never to be revealed."
  • 23 January.
    Watching Bojack Horseman. Mr Peanut Butter just told Diane that he waits all day on the couch for Diane to come home and when he hears her car in the driveway it's the best part of his day. I would like to die.
  • 24 January.
    This Belgian TV guy had dinner with Keanu Reeves, and this is how their conversation went.
    Keanu: [orders 1500$ wine] Want a drink?
    Tv guy: Sorry I don't drink.
    Keanu: Want to go smoke?
    Tv guy: Sorry I don't smoke.
    Keanu:Tell me you at least shoot up heroine.
  • 25 January.
    My IKEA coffee order slash mix = 1 espresso, 1 cappuccino and 2 sugars (In that order!!!!!!).
  • 26 January.
    Watched Kill Your Darlings. Who wants to be my Ginsy?
    A random quote: "At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet".
  • 27 January.
    I love it when old people say "How peculiar" and "How curious".
  • 28 January.
    Neighbourhood kids can you please stop working in the neighbourhood shops. I do not want to see you everywhere I go. Elementary school was enough.
  • 29 January.
    I have become a true caveman. I eat spoons of olive oil, spoons of honey. I eat lettuce as a snack. Next thing you know I’ll be communicating with the ladies with me harp.
  • 30 January.
    "And why am I lemon?".
    "'Cuz you're sour. No one likes lemons."
    "That's bollocks mate. Lemonade. Lemon drops—"
    "You got a sore throat?"
    "Lemon meringue pie."
    "..When was the last time you ate a lemon meringue pie?"
  • 31 January.
    I wish I was in a pub in New York City in the 90s getting drunk and going out with strangers I don't know but alas we can’t have everything we want in life..
    On another note, I realised my desire for freedom is really just more the desire to get wasted and pumped full of drugs and write some critically acclaimed poetry book and then die from a mysterious overdose at the age of 24 and live on as a "tortured artist" who "society wasn’t made for". I don't want freedom to live, I want freedom to self destruct.