Welcome to my Blog!

As you can see, I opted for a minimal layout for my blog. I don't really want to make it too pretty as of now, because I'm afraid I'll not dare to write anymore out of concern of ruining the aesthetic of the page? Don't know if that makes sense.
Anyways, get to know about ME! Today I will stop living in alluring mysteriousness and talk about myself .. Truly shocking.

So like.. What will be in the blogs?
I will be talking about my days, documenting memories so I won't forget them, and so I can cherish every moment even more! I will talk about what I have been up to, what I have read, my thoughts and feelings. I'm keeping it all positive, though. I don't really like crying in diary entries, I want to document my life, not vent.
Anyways, this ought to change as I grow up to, this whole.. blog layout. So I look forward to see me change.
Have fun reading! You can always contact me by email for commentary (qiachoneo@gmail.com)!